How Volley Marketing Works (Infographic)



You may have heard about our new product launch “Volley Marketing”.

But you’re yet to understand what it is and how it can help your organisation. Well we decided to put together an infographic on Volley Marketing and how it works. It is laid out in 5 easy steps. See below on how it works:





How Volley Marketing Works

1. Tracking Codes

We place our tracking codes onto your website, so you can begin tracking your website visitors.


2. Gather IP Addresses

The tracking code tracks your individual website visitors & gathers their IP addresses.


3. Otto Collection

Otto collects the data 1 by 1 and filters them through the databases


4. Time to Call & Qualify

Your sales team can now call & qualify all of your new leads.


5. Lead nurture the contacts & close the deals

Sit back & let Otto do the hard work, while your sales team closes the deals.


Your own next step in Volley Marketing?

If you think improving your online  marketing is important for you, I would suggest you try out our very own 2-min test here from us at Sonician in order for you to figure out if Marketing Automation could be for you. You’ll find it directly at:

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