Customer Journey Workshop - Your Sales Process

How does your customer journey look like?<br />How does the optimal buying process look<br />like and how can you help to move potential<br />customers down your sales funnel?
How does your customer journey look like?
How does the optimal buying process look
like and how can you help to move potential
customers down your sales funnel?

Workshop to go through your Customer Journey Process

What is your optimal Customer Acquisition Strategy and how do you match your sales process to that and the clients' buying processes and where do you find the best Return on Investment?

How do you arrive at an unlimited Marketing Budget, that is, how do you find the area when the immediate profit outweighs the client acquisition cost?

  • You'll get a strategic insight into how you in short- and long-term can increase your sales, lower your cost and get more satisifed clients
  • We'll find which activities create the most value
  • We find out the best order of priority and when to do additions, changes, if any, if there's something unecessary done, and also very importantly: What not to touch when there are working processes
  • We will look at what parts can be automated, and what parts must be done manually and how to include it in the process.

Who should participate in a Customer Journey and Sales process workshop

  • CEO – How can it help the whole organisation, which challenges, risks and opportunities are there?
  • Sales – How can an alignment with the clients' buying process help us increase sales, and what extra work, if any, is demanded from us`?
  • Marketing – How will this simplify my job, how can we get a broader effect of our marketing initiatives that more clearly lead to leads and sales?

Agenda and what to go through in a Customer Journey Sales Process workshop

We'll go through: Products & Services and what problems they solve for the client, Client segment/Personas, existing sales process and marketing done and how the web-site is used.

The agenda is rather specific for every client, but will often look like this:

  • Define the target market and the segments
  • Identify the buying processes
  • Problems to solve for the client
  • Content and interactions (Touchpoints) that can move the client forward in its buying process – your sales process
  • Overall Objectives and Measures
  • Budget and Resources before arriving at an unlimited Budget (when the immediate profit outweighs the client acquisition cost)

What does the Customer Journey and Sales Process Workshop cost?

Half a day workshop as per above (3-4h) is included in the QuickStart we do for a client who has decided to get started. Sonician can also perform the workshop itself, and will then only charge for the time and the direct outcome report table with the found optimal customer journey and the preliminary findings on how to get there, and then it costs €990 (9 900 SEK) excl VAT and travel.

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