3 Reasons Why Lead Segmentation Works Wonders

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Have you ever tried to give something to someone that they don’t want?

It can be pretty difficult, imagine trying to give someone something they didn’t want or ask for? Well, that’s what a lot of organisations are trying to do with their e-mail marketing automation systems, by not using Lead Segmentation.

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How about if they asked for it but it just doesn’t match them? It’s like trying to tell the customer they need a size 10 shoe, when they are a size 8. Spraying emails around to their whole database, using the same content from CEOs to interns.

Doesn’t Work!

Companies aren’t going to get anywhere by sending the same messages to their whole database.

Using an in-depth form of lead segmentation can work wonders for the sales efficiency of an organisation. According to the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experience higher open rates

So here are the top 3 reasons why you need to start your Lead Segmentation Today!

1. Helps Target the Right Audience

Have you ever received junk mail for a mechanic when you hadn’t even purchased your first car yet? Well, that’s because of no lead segmentation. Using Lead Segmentation helps you target the right audience for the right message. Even though you may only have a limited number of products/services, you will have many different customer types & buyer personas.

No one customer is ever the same or has the same problem and your marketing campaigns need to reflect this. Your conversion rate will increase because of the better targeted messages, according to Lyris marketers experienced; 24% greater revenue through an increase in sales leads when list segmentation was used.


2. You will offer greater value

This might seem obvious to the people reading this that understand how important lead segmentation is, but to those that are still ummming and ahhhing, your leads & customers will receive greater value from your organisation! When you send better segmented, targeted emails or messages to your database, the messages are immediately more valuable and entertaining to the receiver. For example, I was recently looking for a new computer, which can turn into a complex decision. So when I received information from a blog I had signed up to with the subject title being “The best new laptops to buy for Summer ’16”, I was thrilled. It was exactly what I wanted. Can you see the link? It’s much easier to sell to a prospect which is engaged in the messages you’re communicating to them. The difference in how the customer engages with your brand really is remarkable when they receive content that is targeted at them.


3. Your sales will increase

This is the big one! This is what every little method/step should ultimately lead you towards; more sales. In the beginning, implementing lead segmentation will cut out some of your leads within your database. Therefore an initial fall in sales is to be expected and definitely not something to get worked up about. Once your lists have been correctly segmented into your buyer personas it will become much easier for your sales team to begin converting sales. Your leads will be happy about the messages being sent to them and you will begin stealing customers from your competitors because of this.

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Your own next step in lead segmentation?

If you think improving lead segmentation is important for you, I would suggest you try out our very own 2-min test here from us at Sonician in order for you to figure out if Marketing Automation could be for you. You’ll find it directly at: www.sonician.com/survey/2mintest/




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