3 Ways Otto can Kick-Start your Social Media Campaigns before Summer!


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Having Social Media accounts for your business is not a new thing.  Most businesses have active social media accounts these days .

So how do you break-through to the crowd?

Having Otto on your side can be the little cheat code you’ve been looking for.

So here are three ways Otto can kick start your social media campaigns just in time for the warmer weather:


  1. Segmenting your Leads

No one pays attention to a general message.

I know I don’t.

Otto allows you to segment your leads and then create specific messages to particular contacts based on their behaviour.  How does this work?

Using trackable links, through your emails, website and Social Media accounts, Otto is able to segment your leads into certain categories according to their behaviour with your content.

This means when you finally have their contact details, you know what they’re interested in and you can personalise accordingly.  This creates a more engaged lead, more specifically a lead which feels special.


  1. Lead Capturing

Your Facebook page is gathering likes and your posting some great content.

However, you don’t have the contact details of everyone that has liked your page.  With Otto you can create a ‘Landing Page’ or a ‘Form’, even within e.g. a facebook-page.  Using this landing page, you can then post this to any media telling your followers you are conducting a survey of all your followers that you are running a promotion and to click the page for the special promo code.  Now you have Facebook followers clicking the link and submitting their contact details, and thereby turned into potential business clients.


  1. Otto is able to integrate with Hootsuite, WordPress and Buffer for you to streamline your social posts. Having Buffer integration allows you to create your whole week’s Social Media posts on Monday and then set the day and time you would like them to be posted.  This allows you the comfort of knowing all of your Social Media posts can be posted at the exact time is best for your own companies reach.  No Matter What comes up!


These are just a few of the ways Otto can be successfully integrated into your Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Would this be applicable to your business? Could this be the Social Media Boost your looking for?

Try our two-minute test today to see how else Otto can help, and if you rather feel overwhelmed by all the things you should do, get in touch with us about our rent-a-marketer service!

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