5 Successful Companies that use Marketing Automation (B2C)

It works in B2B……


It doesn’t work in B2C……..

These are two of many things you may have heard about marketing automation.  With it bursting into the mainstream recently, there have been lovers and haters, much like anything else which has experienced a meteoric rise.

Many examples of marketing automation are primarily for B2B companies.  This maybe because it is quite easy to see results in both off-line and on-line marketing automation.  In particular when targeting individual contacts one-by-one. This is true for businesses in industries such as:

  • Organisations with Complex Sales Cycles (Manufacturing, Trade, High-tech ICT and the likes)
  • Companies that sell their own time (Consulting, Ad agencies, Law and Audit firms, etc)
  • Meeting and Events companies

Also Marketing Automation B2C

So we thought it was time to show off a couple of companies that have been doing marketing automation very successfully in segments you may not think of (more Marketing Automation B2C rather than B2B). These companies have been able to use the software to their advantage to increase sales, leads and to progress their organisations forward through increased Captured Leads.  Increased Sales Conversion.  Automated Lead Nurturing and Scoring. It may sound too good to be true but to these 5 companies it wasn’t.

Check out the list below:


  • Auction.com

Auction.com was founded in 2007 and since then has become the U.S.’ largest online real estate marketplace.  According to their website they have sold more than $34 billion in residential and commercial assets.  It continues to grow  and currently has over 900 employees and is based in Silicon Valley, California.


  • Panasonic

Panasonic has been one of the largest organisations to come out of Japan, being founded in 1918 it is heading towards its 100th birthday.  This is an impressive achievement by any organisation and it shows how Panasonic has been able to adapt to different generations and times.  Panasonic is by far the largest organisation within this list with over 250,000 employees within the organisation.


  • Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has slowly been growing as a company since its transition from TEAL to Air New Zealand in 1965.  They have recently become a core member of the Star Alliance Group which includes over 25 international airlines.  Air New Zealand has been able to grow with it’s focus on putting the customer first as well as their creative marketing campaigns which went viral.


  • Swarovski Group

Swarovski crystals have grown into one of the largest jewelry companies in the world.  Now being sold in over 170 countries and production locations in over 5 countries.  It prides itself on being at the forefront of  high quality crystal products and jewelry and has grown to over 31,000 eomployees.


  • Mindfulness Center

The Mindfulness Center is a Swedish company being operated since 2010.  They have taken an interesting approach towards selling online training methods, focusing upon Mindfulness.  The Mindfulness Center now has over 500 Mindfulness instructors throughout Sweden, which has caused the organisation to rise quickly over the past few years.


Marketing Automation has proven more recently that it isn’t just a fad and is a marketing tool which is here to stay.  It may not be for all businesses, however these above organisations are examples of the strength a well coordinated marketing automation can be for your business even outside the areas you’ll likely think of first.

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