About Marketing Automation, Social Media, Blogging and Instagram Marketing (Weekly Prospector #2 2016)

A Sneak Peek into what you need in your Marketing Automation Program.


Before, Marketing Automation was a tool reserved for the giants., the large corporations with a turnover greater than $500 million per year. Not anymore. The fastest adopting segment of Marketing Automation are small to medium sized enterprises.

“5 Trends that will change how Companies use Social Media in 2016”

There are now more than 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and that sum is growing at a brisk clip of 25% each year. Businesses haven’t failed to noticed the runaway expansion of social media.

“The Blog Economy – Why every brand should have a Blog”

Do you have a company blog? Has it brought you sales? According to Ignitespot, 61 percent of consumers say they have purchased a product they learned about on a blog.

52 Tips: On Instagram marketing (Video)

A video about 52 great tips on instagram marketing.



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