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How to Implement Value-Based Pricing

A Value-Based Pricing strategy is all about ensuring your customer value their purchase. Using it as a pricing strategy enables a brand to be able to get to know what their customers value, and using this to determine your pricing helps in providing this value. In this article we go into detail on how you can implement such a pricing strategy yourselves.


This is what Happens when Employees Find Meaning at Work

Finding meaning at work has been promoted as something all employees should strive for. However is it a necessity to ensure your employees find meaning in their work? The CEO of Namely has written this piece on behalf of Entrepreneur.com and he goes on to discuss the impact it can make on employees when they do find meaning in their work.

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How to Get All of Your Pitch Emails Opened and Answered

Have your emails been struggling lately as the summer months approach? If your open and click rates have slowly begun to dip (something you should keep an eye on) Here’s 5 fantastic tips on ensuring your emails are not only opened but you receive replies as well. Having an effective pitch in your next email campaign can have a significant effect on your pipeline after the Summer.

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E-commerce in the UK post-Brexit; Positives, Negatives and opportunities

The news of the week within the European Union, obviously has been Brexit. But now some of the dust begins to settle how is this going to impact organisations focusing on E-Commerce? This article goes through the positives & negatives of Brexit and it they’re any opportunities entrepreneurs can jump on.

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