About Net Promoter Score (NPS), Industry Changers and Content Marketing for B2B (Weekly Prospector #4 2016)

5 Companies that will be industry changers in 2016.

Inc.com has outlined a list of companies to look out for in 2016 in a variety of industries. These companies are predicted by Inc.com to come out as game-changers within emerging industries.

How do I get started with Marketing Automation?

Etrigue has developed an in-depth article about integrating marketing automation systems into your business. It provides an easy 6-step to-do list when first adopting a marketing automation system as well as why these 6 steps can help your business.

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Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organisations (Video)

Many businesses are beginning to experiment with the advantages of a successful content marketing campaign. This video will help you determine the difference between B2C and B2B content marketing campaigns, and give you tips how to develop successful B2B Content Marketing.


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Weekly Prospector – The Strategic Marketer is given out to companies from Sonician AB, the Marketing Automation specialists from Sweden and the creator of the leading Marketing Automation solution Otto® with Bulk-CRM and Autopilot capabilities.


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