Become an owner, on Customer Relationships, Bully Bosses, Creativity & Marketing Automation (Weekly Prospector #24 2016)

The key factor to happy, healthy customer relationships

Money is not the only value of a company. Creating an atmosphere which creates a positive collective reaction amongst your customers is also valuable. This also has a direct cash flow impact at the other end. How you treat your customers, their wishes and needs directly impact how your business is succeeding. Read below the key tips to help create an atmosphere of positive & happy customers, from

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How Marketing Automation can boost your marketing while you are enjoying your vacation

If you’re like me then you can’t wait to head on to Summer holidays! However being able to manage your work demands while also being stress free can become complicated. Our colleague Marie has gone through how marketing automation can help you manage your business while you’re away. If stress-free is how you want your future holidays to be then click the link below:

Why some bosses bully their best employees

According to this article from Harvard Buisness Review, “bully bosses” are a common phenomenon. Have you ever experienced an abusive superior or are you just wondering why some people behave in a bullying manner? This is a really interesting article that is based on research in the subject. It also discusses methods on how to combat the issue. Click below to read further.

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Jump Onboard: Time for you to own your own Marketing Automation company?

Sonician has now unofficially moved into it’s first round of financing our further expansion and since we do it through crowdfunding, we are giving you as a reader the first opportunity to get on board as a fellow owner. We are hosting a private first round until Tuesday the 21st of June, and as you’re invited now, you will receive 10% extra shares if you join us before then. Now it’s possible to join from €1,000 and up, but when we officially launch from as low as €300, although then without getting those 10% extra. On top of not only investing in our growing company to which we intend to provide you with the highest possible yield, we are offering the following benefits to everyone that decides to join our fund-raising:

• You will receive an affiliate code to pass onto a potential client, and they will receive 20% off their Otto system AND you will receive a 20% commission on their purchases as well (worth €430, for an Otto Light and as much as €2347 for an Otto Enterprise).

• You will also be welcome to join us for a free Marketing Automation Certification (worth €199).

• For those who share our wish to help more charities, you can hit two birds with one stone: An Otto will be donated to a Charity Organisation or a not-for-profit organisation of your choice and in your name for a year when investing over €5,000 (the few ones who have received systems so far have been able to increase fund-raising tremendously, plus been able to automate communication to their members to off-load their resources to spend time where help is needed most).

If you are interested in getting in early and join a growing company within a rapidly expanding industry then just click the link below to see more information on our crowdfunding campaign, and hit that join-button:

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