Bonnier’s Sales Process & Experience with Otto

How Bonnier Publishing House Sales Process includes E-mail marketing with Otto


Yeah, My name is Karl and I am working for a company called Mediafy, it’s in the Bonnier Corporation and one of our biggest projects is Tidningskungen in Sweden. We used this to distribute and sell magazines online is our largest distribution channel.

Question 1

How Do You Work With Sales & Marketing? What is your sales process

We try to have a lot of staff, customer service & sales channels to call out to the customer or visitor in their office or conference to inform them of our services. Such as gift cards, magazines or special products for the Summer or Winter time (seasonal gifts)

Question 2

Tell us about your experience using Otto?

Yeah, we used four different email send-out companies and one of them was Otto. We used all four in a campaign and we carefully tracked all of the results including all of the emails, phone calls back, and clicks. So in theory we compared it to the other 3 systems.

Question 3

The Results?

We were surprised to see the results of the campaign. Otto was 2.9 times better than the company/system that was in second place. It was a great result we received from the Otto system.

How Bonnier Sales Process includes E-mail marketing with OttoRead More about Mediafy services at:


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