Case Study on using Marketing Automation by Kompetensinstitutet

A Case Study on using Marketing Automation System Otto.


I am Niko Fastman, I am CEO & Founder of Kompetensinstitutet (the Competence Institute). We organise conferences & events in all Nordic countries. We organise big events, such as Leadership Day & Sales Mastery Day with Brian Tracy which we run annually both in Stockholm and also sometimes in Helsinki. We also run a big event called Stora Ledarskapsdagen, which is the biggest leadership event in Sweden. 

How do you get people to come to your events?

What we mostly do is we send newsletters to our previous delegates with updates on new speakers. So let’s say we have a new speaker such as Percy Barnevik or Fredrik Reinfeldt, we send a newsletter to our previous delegates. Or if we have new topics for an event we send newsletters. But we also do social media marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn; but mostly newsletters. We use the marketing automation system Otto, which we’ve had for 2 and a half years. I think Mailchimp was good when we used it, but when we started with the new functions which Otto had, it’s now really hard for us to change back to Mailchimp. 


You use multiple websites for different domains, what lies behind this strategy?

I think right now we’re happy with having different websites because then you can really target a specific audience and bring them to that site instead of having a huge site for all audiences. I mean you can work a lot on the content, you can focus on having specific content for one type of audience on a specific website. Of course there are some negative sides as well, it takes a lot of time managing all the websites, so it would be easier to have one website in that way. But I still think its better to have more than one website, to have different sites for each event. 


Case Study on using Marketing Automation

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