Even easier to keep contact

Many new features are implemented to make it even easier to keep contact and the user interface is made even easier to work with:

  • Interactive Tutorial: You’ll now get a step-by-step instruction interactively on each page in Otto to get suggestions and make it easy to get going.
  • Super efficient Meeting-booking: You can now set up Outlook/Google Calendar/iPhone Meetings directly from the contact-view.
  • Contacts: You can now use 10 custom fields for your own variables. These fields can be targeted when doing a specific search
  • E-mails: Image and File Manager – You can now upload images and files from your desktop directly to Otto to have them included in your e-mails so you don’t first have to upload them to your web-site.
  • Settings: Name the contact custom fields to match what you use them for
  • Tracking: The tags for tracking Opened e-mails and Clicked links can now be added automatically
  • E-mail templates: If you have custom e-mail templates, we can now help you add them to a repository, so you just can click “Add template” to create an e-mail using them.
  • Filter: You can filter out lists NOT to send to, too.
  • Other: On the first of every month, an e-mail with the previous months stats will be sent to all Managers and Admins.

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