Forget chasing customers – Let them come to you: Sonician launch Otto® – A Sales on Autopilot System

(Gothenburg, Sweden) – All people with good ideas, innovators and entrepreneurs, want the whole world to pave a road to their door-steps so they can successfully, and easily, sell their product. In real life, even great products are rarely sold without great effort, until now.

The beginnings were far from rosy and glorious. The system called Otto® was developed out of necessity in the previous company of the Sonician founder, Henrik Rudberg, who tells: “It’s mainly a story of changing price-tags completely. In early 2000, I had been selling big-ticket systems for Cisco and Hotsip (sold to Oracle) when I founded the IP-telephony Service Provider Cellip in 2004 that sold phone subscriptions for just pocket money. Unfortunately, I soon realized that selling to business users at a low cost demands just about the same process of selling as if product prices would have been 1000 x more costly. There was no way I could afford to pay live Sales Representatives to go chase Customers, and therefore, I had to find a way for mimicking the complex B2B sales process and still be getting the end-users to come to me at a fraction of the cost. This was how the Sales on Autopilot system was born.”

In the years that followed, Cellip outgrew almost all of its competitors reaching for the B2B market in Sweden due to its higher sales conversion rate and lower customer acquisition cost. After a few years, it was time for a change, as Henrik Rudberg says: “I realized that since the actual sales process itself of the Sales on Autopilot system was so similar to the big-ticket item sales I was used to do before, many others could benefit from it.”

The system has now been packaged so it can be adapted to warm up cold leads into hot and to keep a warm lead warm in all kinds of sales: web-sales, cold calling, event-sales and even follow-up sales.

A step-by-step guide has been developed that describes how to attain Automation in Sales.

The guide will be sent free of charge to anyone who calls or orders it from:

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