Group and segment your contacts before send-outs based on… anything.

Segmentation based on anything

See the video on how list-management with Otto works

In the Otto update 4.04, you can now search a specific information field of all your contacts and also combine it with the search operator you want, e.g. = (exact match), >, < (greater than or lesser than). This means you quickly can create new lists for send-outs or cold calling campaigns where you have, e.g.:
a.    Postal codes greater than 75000
b.    Those companies with more than 17
c.    Companies older than 7 years
d.    All in Hamburg with name/postal city/IP-address belonging to there
e.    All in a particular industry
f.    All CFOs

Grouping of contacts per company
In the list you will find a plus sign in some columns, they show you if there are other contacts with e.g. the same organisation name. Clicking the plus will show them all.

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