How valuable is your company as viewed by others? 5 damaging marketing mistakes, 7 insane web-site updates and 10 business growth podcasts for 2016 (Weekly Prospector #6 2016)

How valuable is your company in other’s eyes?

Nobody really values your hard work in the trenches. Nor your long hours. Not even your family. But they do value your assets. That goes for clients, buyers, investors and family alike.

And they do see a structured sales process where you know your numbers as one such asset. Arguably the most important after the quality of your product.

They see value when you know your KPIs. And then not only your margin and your clients’ life time worth, but your full client acquisition cost, your conversion rates and your net promoter score.

And others are right. You should know them. Luckily, you can automate most of the process.

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The 5 Most Damaging Marketing Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make.

They say getting started is the hardest part, but being able to create the right marketing campaign can be just as hard. Most entrepreneurs are eager to get started and rush into their marketing and begin making mistakes. Here are the 5 most damaging mistakes by entrepreneurs according to

7 Insane Website Updates That Will Grow Your Sales

Technology has now become one of if not the largest driver of company growth. Being able to create a website to show off your company to the world can be difficult to get right. Ensuring you are focusing on the right things, you have a right call-to-action and making sure you have pleasing visuals can be difficult to manage. has come up with this list of 7 website updates to help you manage.

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10 Business Growth Podcasts Worth Listening to in 2016

Dedicating yourself to life long learning doesn’t always have to be so time intensive. Podcasts have become an effective way of learning. Podcasts have experience an extreme rise in popularity through the rise of the itunes store and websites such as Being able to determine which are the best can be quite difficult, which is why we have used Maptive’s list of these 10 podcasts worth your time.

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