How would someone else present yourself?

When you’re really into something, you tend to have your set ideas on how to present yourself and your thoughts. Sometimes, it can be really invigorating to see someone else give her view on what you’re doing when they may not know much more than what it says on your web-page.

Well, even for a web-page, I think most of us are never really fully satisfied with the one we have, and we always wonder how we can make it more clear, more convincing, nicer looking etc. I know that we’re not fully satisified by any standard, as we want to make it even more interactive and to the point like we can see it made with our 2-minute test on Marketing Automation.

Anyway, to see a presentation about your own ideas made by someone else is absolutely something I can recommend now after having seen the first take on our own idea. We did this test with the help of Luke Goodwin, who kindly made a Prezi-presentation about us without any other input than our web-page.

We recognize ourselves pretty ok, or what do you think? See:

Let someone else present you sometimes.

Prezi about Sonician made by Luke Goodwin (found at:

I would absolutely recommend you to ask someone to do the same about your idea(s), and please share the results if you like!

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