Infographic: What you need from Business Intelligence, Big Data & CRM in 2017

What You Need From Business Intelligence, Big Data & CRM in 2017

Business intelligence, Big Data and CRM have been outlined as some of the biggest trends moving into 2017. So we combined these ideas with the fun and informative way of presenting information and packaged our expertise of these topics into an infographic.

The infographic below points out some of the biggest trends in each field as well as the biggest issues facing sales & managers within each concept.

See below for the infographic:






What You Need From Business Intelligence, Big Data, & CRM in 2017

Business Intelligence

  • Companies using Business Intelligence are 5x more likely to make faster decisions.
  • Accurately managing which leads are interested and which are not, has become easier.
  • #1 Issue the key reason behind why using business intelligence is to find out more about clients to make sales.

Big Data

  • 89% of business leaders believe that big data will revolutionize business operations just like the internet did.
  • Synchronizing online data (websites etc) with sales teams has been highlighted as a priority for sales managers.
  • #1 Issue Web-Page Analysis is the highest priority for SME’s. Determing who is visiting the web page & their behaviour.


  • 65% of all organisations say that they are using CRM for lead nurturing & then 59%say they are using CRM for sales forecasting & email marketing.
  • Sales managers quote the CRM as being their most valuable tool.
  • #1 Issue Automatic engaging of contacts into the CRM system.

What now?

Sonician is proud to provide Volley Marketing as the leading solution to help SME’s  with their website lead analytics. Providing leads automatically into our customers CRM system ready to be nurtured immediately using marketing automation. Contact us now for a free demo of Volley Marketing or a strategic workshop on Business Intelligence, Big Data, & CRM.

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