New Partnership with EuroContactPool: If you know your target audience, we can get you their addresses

We are happy to announce a partnership with EuroContactPool to be able to help our clients get contact information, e-mail and phone numbers, to their respective target B2B audiences in many countries in Europe:

You can now buy phone and e-mail information to select targets
E-mail marketing will often demand having e-mail data also on contacts who are not yet in your scope, and this is where the partnership with EuroContactPool comes handy. They keep an up to date record of managers of different kinds in businesses around Europe, and now, Sonician will be able to help you get the addresses you’ll need at a good discount to Otto clients.

Integrity of data
For Sonician, it’s important that the integrity of our clients’ database information is always intact, and Sonician will never touch e.g. e-mail information about our clients’ contacts, and since each client will get an own, separate, database in the cloud, the integrity of all contact information is kept under the client’s finger-tips, only, contrary to many other systems where different clients’ contacts are stored in the same master database, therefore, it’s important to note that Sonician will never sell or resell any contact information directly, but only act as an agent for accredited suppliers such as EuroContactPool. In most countries in Europe, you may not send unsolicited e-mail to private individuals, but you may do so to B2B-contacts. In some, e.g. Denmark, you will not be allowed to send even B2B e-mails, however.

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