On B2B Marketing Expo London, Meetings, LinkedIn Networking, Content Marketing (Weekly Prospector #13 2017)


The Strategic Marketer
from the creators of Otto®

Lessons from the B2B Marketing Expo London

This week some members of the Sonician team jumped on a plane and headed over to London for the B2B Marketing Expo. We discovered there was a sense of urgency by B2B marketers to find solutions to changes in how customers begin their buying process, and the challenges keeping up with the digital transformation. In this blog post we go through some of the key trends from the B2B Marketing Expo.

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Rule the Room: 5 Tips for Facilitating Meetings That Generate Results

As a manager of a sales or marketing team, running meetings can often be a frustrating task. Ensuring that everyone in the company is on the same path, everyone understands what needs to be done, etc. But often meetings can quickly fall into disarray. This great post from Top Rank has really helped us organise our department meetings to create results and direct the departments towards specific goals.

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11 LinkedIn Tips for Connecting Like A Boss

Have you been struggling with your LinkedIn profile lately? It seems like there is always one office superstar on LinkedIn and you are still getting your head around the social networking site for professionals. Well, this article provides some awesome tips on how to network using LinkedIn the way you’ve always wanted to!

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5 Emerging Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know

If content marketing isn’t deeply ingrained into your marketing strategy for 2017, then you are a step behind your competitors. Content marketing is now becoming a successful and integral way to communicate with your customers and potential customers by providing informational value. This article provides predictive insights into how the content marketing world evolve throughout 2017 allowing you the opportunity to take that step ahead of your competitors.

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