On becoming share-holder, how to set goals you reach, facebook-strategy and how to build client-centric organisations. (Weekly Prospector #22 2017)


The Strategic Marketer
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If You Love Marketing & Sales, You can Now get in Early in the Marketing Software World

As a long-term reader of the Strategic Marketer, you know we don’t talk that much of ourselves, but we’re very excited as Sonician has just launched on a new journey: We now want to welcome you, not only as a reader, a potential client or partner, but really onboard as a joint share-holder! After initial funding from the Vidici fund, the Business Angel Network of Gothenburg and ourselves as Founders, we are now extending our 2nd round of funding through an equity-crowdfunding campaign. We believe in transparency and sitting in the same boat as both clients and investors, and our long term goal is to go to the stock exchange, which is why we believe a crowdfunding campaign through FundedByMe is the best way forward. We would love for you to jump on board or to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested. Just click the link below to view the video & look at the equity-crowdfunding page.

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The Simple Facebook Posting Strategy that Helped us 3x our Reach & Engagement

When using Facebook as a marketing channel, sometimes you just get it right and other times you don’t. The best feeling is when you have followed a Facebook advertising strategy from someone else and it has worked just as well for your own advertising. This is what happened with this above blog. I highly recommend giving it a chance.

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3 Steps to Designing a Customer-Centric Organisation

The pressure on sales and marketing teams has hit a peak. With consumers becoming more and more informed about alternatives and wary of the purchase decisions they make. Ensuring you have a customer focused organisation is one of the key ways to separate your organisation from the rest of the pack.

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5 Ways Your Goal-Setting is Holding you Back

To get ahead, the first piece of advice any noteworthy person speaks about, is to set goals! However, there is nothing more discouraging than having goals, but not actually putting the work in to achieve them, or worse yet, putting in the work and still not reaching them. This article outlines 5 common mistakes people make when setting their own goals, which actually hinders their progress to goal achievement.

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