On Calls-to-action, Productivity, Email outreach, Sales Effectivenes (Weekly Prospector #7 2017)

7 Tips to Get Your Website Visitors to
Complete Your Calls-To-Action

While it may sometimes seem impossible to achieve a high conversion rate on your calls-to-action, it is reachable. You yourself, have probably clicked on many calls-to-action and knowing the difference between a bad call and a great one can have a significant impact on your website conversion rates. This article provides 7 insights into how you should design & implement your own calls-to-action (often just abbreviated CTA).

The Number 1 Reason Why You’re Not Productive, Even Though You Want To Be

Productivity is something we all strive for. We all want to make sure that we use our time productively and efficiently. However, we all experience set backs in achieving this high level of productivity and this article is bold enough to put our productivity failures down to one reason.

Why You Should Steal My Daughter’s Playbook for Effective Email Outreach

It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales, old-school marketing or digital marketing, it is a fact that in 2017 your email outreach campaigns have to be at the top of their game! This cool article gives you fantastic tips on what you should be putting in your emails and how you should structure your email campaigns.

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6 Sales Practices Boosting your
Effectiveness in 2017

Keeping in line with our first article on productivity, we found this eye catching article from the Center for Sales Strategy. It outlines some new and fresh ideas to help your sales team stay effective throughout 2017. Share this article among your sales team because it may just give them the focus they’re looking for!

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Weekly Prospector –  The Strategic Marketer is given out to companies from Sonician AB, the Marketing Automation specialists from Sweden and the creator of the leading Marketing Automation solution Otto® with Bulk-CRM and Autopilot capabilities.

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