On Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Productivity (Weekly Prospector #21 2016)

8 Ways to Build Credibility & Trust with Content Marketing

There is a risk that you will be overlooked or that no one will take you seriously if you don’t have any credibility in your marketing . This article from a blog on the TopRank has some really good advice to preventing this. Click the link below to see tips on how you can create value in your marketing and approach your target audience in a way that creates that trust.

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How does CRM Help in Sales?

Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has become common place amongst large organisations. However many small to medium sized organisations are still using basic ways of storing basic contact information. In this article we go through how using a CRM database can help improve your organisation’s sales! Click the link to see how it can boost your sales.

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5 Realistics Ways to Work Less but Get More Done

Having a good work ethic is more than just an eternal struggle. According to this article in Entrepreneur.com it’s more about taking advantage of your time by focusing on the work to complete it in an efficient manner. The five paragraphs in the article is something we all needed to be reminded of now and then.

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Veckans Leadare – Den Strategiske Marknadsföraren ges ut till företag av Sonician AB, Marketing Automation specialisten och skapare av den jämförelseledande Marketing Automation lösningen Otto® med Bulk-CRM och Autopilot möjligheter.

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