On Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Sales Attributes & Marketing Automation (Weekly Prospector #22 2016)

7 Infographics Every Marketer Needs to See

Infographics have become a great way to transfer information viusally, especially when it comes to informing people on the benefits or drawbacks of a particular issue. Therefore, infographics have become a key tool in every marketers toolbox. So here are 7 infographics every marketer must see, ranging on topics from content marketing to marketers themselves:

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3 ways to Supercharge your Content-Marketing Strategy

If you’re having trouble developing your Content Strategies for 2016 then maybe these 3 tips can boost your inbound performance. Using user-generated content can help your organisation create awesome dividends for your marketing efforts. However, it can be difficult to manage. Entrepreneur.com has done the research and given you these 3 tips to boost your content.

5 Reasons Why you need Marketing Automation Now

Marketing Automation has been around now. It is being used by both B2B and B2C Organisations. It began with the large multinational corporations but has now made its way all the way down to one man companies. But why do you need it? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss out on Marketing Automation any longer.

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Many Have Forgotten the Most Important Attribute for Success

This is a great reminder article on which things are important when it comes to sales. This a new entry within our newsletter from Anthony Iannarino and his sales blog called simply ‘The Sales Blog’. He goes onto explain how character plays an important role in success, in particular for sales opportunities.

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