On HOW to track your Net Promoter Score, handling social media complaints and find the sites your audience checks (Weekly Prospector #11 2016)

Otto Insider: How Otto can help to track your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Last week, we talked about what NPS really is and how you can use it. In this video we touch on how using Otto can help you determine your Net Promoter Score (NPS). We go into Otto and provide an example of how it can be implemented as well as how to organise the results. We encourage everyone to try the NPS for your own organisation to determine your overall customer satisfaction.

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7 Digital Marketing Predictions You Need To Keep Your Eye On

If you’re usually the one to find out last about the new “in” app or tool, then this list is the one for you. Entrepreneur.com has gone through some of the newest forms of digital marketing and has listed the ones which we should all be watching out for!

The 6 Step Playbook for Handling Social Media Complaints

Check out this great little guide provided by the Buffer Blog on how to deal with complaints on Social Media. It outlines the steps you should take and offers good advice on how to overcome these complaints.

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Discovering Which Sites Your Target Audience Visits (Video 7:40)

Having the knowledge of which websites your target audience are visiting can open up many opportunities to your organisations marketing efforts. Either via designing your content towards their interests or posting ads on the websites they visit. Moz Blog has released another informative video on how to do this.

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