On Internationalisation, 7 stream-lining tools, kick-starting social media and alter (Weekly Prospector #18 2016)natives to banners

3 Exponentially Better Alternatives to Banner Advertising

As outlined in this article the click through ratio of website banners are falling to a ridiculously low ratio of only 0.06%. This is quite significantly low, and a low-water mark the majority of companies are choosing to ignore. This article from Inc provides 3 alternatives to banner advetising to help you think outside the box.

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3 Ways Otto can Kick-Start your Social Media Campaigns before Summer!

Marketing Automation has been heating up all this year! It has many uses, but in this article our Luke Goodwin takes you through how Marketing Automation and Otto can help you re-invigorate your Social Media Accounts. Have a look at how it can help below:

7 New Tools That Will Streamline Your Social Marketing Campaigns

Finding enough time to organise all of your marketing efforts can be stressful. Hence the introduction of many new SaaS organisations recently. Entrepreneur has gone through these 7 fantastic tools to help you organise and ‘streamline’ your marketing campaigns.

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Business Case Study on Internationalisation

Our CEO Henrik Rudberg has much experience on helping growing businesses internationally. He has written this Case Study with references to his experience in the past as well currently with Sonician. If you’re thinking about branching out internationally, have a look at this case study and outline on what it takes to take the next-step outside your home land.

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