On Lead Scoring. Tools to understand your audience and on the importance of CRM-systems (Weekly Prospector #7 2016)

Do you use lead scoring?

How often do you score your leads? Every time? Every other time? Never? Well, lead scoring isn’t exactly the newest method for sales teams to do better, however it is constantly overlooked in its ability to help and qualify your leads. Our Luke Goodwin produced this article on its importance according to his experience and why you should be scoring your leads, too.

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Is 2016 the Year of Marketing Automation?

This article was recently brought out by CMS Critic and it almost exactly asks the same question, Sonician employee Luke Goodwin raised on our blog a few weeks ago. Have a read of this article and then go back and view Luke’s again and let us know what you think in our comments.

3 Free tools to understand your audience and quickly grow sales

As has been emphasised before technology has been a key driver to business growth and this is not expected to slow down. As a matter of fact it is forecasted to only drive business growth even more! Inc.com has done the homework and put together a list of 3 tools which can help you boost your sales through targeting your audience.

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CRM still a driving force behind business success

Top Tech News discusses how CRM systems should be the main focal point of any business. Using your CRM system as a hub for your communication between you and your customers is key for encouraging and developing good communication.

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