On Not Using Marketing Automation Yet, Facebook split-testing, Success, Sales Questions (Weekly Prospector #36 2016)

5 Reasons you Should Feel Bad You’re Not Using Marketing Automation Yet

As 2016 heads into the final quarter, marketing automation has now become a key tool in most organisational toolboxes. However, many small to medium sized organisations have yet to adopt a marketing automation system. This places many organisations at a significant disadvantage moving forward into 2017. For all that have yet to make the leap, these are the 5 things you should be feeling most guilty about.

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Facebook Split Testing: How to make your ads Better

If you have the time this article is fantastic at explaining how to get ahead in the Facebook Marketing world. Let’s be honest, it’s quite difficult to get ahead these days without a face on Facebook. This article takes you through how to implement split testing (a kind of A/B testing) into your Facebook ad campaigns. Great article and great podcast on the slightly more advanced stuff!

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7 Unexpected Signs you’re a Lot More Successful Than You Think

Within this technological age, it can be increasingly difficult to not compare yourself to other people in your field. The richest, the smartest, the funniest. But comparing yourself to these icons does little to help your own self-esteem. This great article provides a fantastic 7 point checklist to measure yourself against while not being too harsh.

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9 Questions you Should Always Ask Your Prospect

As a member of a sales team ensuring you have qualified your prospect properly is key to having an efficient sales process. This article was written by the sales blogging superstar John Barrows, and it takes you through 9 key questions which should always be asked when wrapping up your first meeting/phone call. This article is a must for all who are doing sales!

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Weekly Prospector –  The Strategic Marketer is given out to companies from Sonician, the Marketing Automation specialists from Sweden and the creators of the leading Marketing Automation solution Otto® with Bulk-CRM and Autopilot capabilities.

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