On Marketing Automation Myths, Sales Professionals, Best Times for Social Media, Smart Habits (Weekly Prospector #42 2016)

Why Believing These 5 Marketing Automation Myths Makes You A Rookie

Because of marketing automation‘s meteoric rise, there have been plenty of rumour and false-truths which have been misinterpreted. So we set out to discuss some of the most common myths about using a marketing automation system. If you’ve ever heard something from a ‘friend of a friend’ about marketing automation, read this article just to double check your facts.

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6 Things Sales Professionals Should Never Do

If you’re in sales, sometimes you can develop some habits which you don’t realise are actually affecting your bottom line. This article comes from Brian Tracy’s Sales blog and it details habits which you may not realise are affecting you from getting that yes:

The Best Days and Times to post on 5 Major Social Networks

If you’re in marketing I can almost guarantee that this can make you pull your hair out. Making sure you post your content at the right time to maximise your reach and to get the most clicks can be difficult at first. You’re just guessing until you begin to see some patterns. Well, this article from MarketingProfs takes out some of that guess work. Check out their table and implement it into your social media schedule, it may just work wonders!

4 Smart Habits That Made Warren Buffet a Billionaire (and it may Work for You, Too)

Warren Buffett has becomes the world’s favourite hardworking billionaire and he has a few habits he advises everyone. If you’re looking at becoming a billionaire (and really who isn’t?) check out this article and put these habits into your daily routine, because who knows, they may just work out for you too.

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