On negative feedback, 10 magic words, impact of MA and old school tactics (Weekly Prospector #25 2016)

12 Tips for Dealing with Negative Customer Feedback

Dealing with negative customer feedback can be embarassing and uncomfortable. Making sure you don’t come off as a know-it-all and having a balanced conversation between both parties is key. Here are 12 tips for coming to terms with the negative feedback and how to approach it in a constructive and positive manner.

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Use These 10 Words to Get What You Want

We all use words to achieve a wide variety of tasks everyday to a varying degree of success. Being able to control the words which we use everday to a greater level of success could have a major impact on key tasks. Trying to get that new big contract? Hoping to get that promised promotion? Then read this article and see which words you can use to achieve your goals.

How Marketing Automation Impacts Your Business

When contemplating the idea of implementing a Marketing Automatio system into your organisation there are questions which you should ask first. How long will it take to implement? Does it provide the benefits promised? This article looks into the real effects & impacts of marketing automation which has led it to become so popular so far in 2016.

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5 Old School Social Media Tactics that are no Longer Effective (and What to do Instead)

Using Social Media as a marketing tool has now become the norm. Over the past few years reaching your target audience hs grown easier and easier and a few social media marketing tactics have led the way. But now consumers are switching onto marketers tatics, so Buffer has gone through which ones are no longer effective and what to use instead.

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