On Science of Buying, Achieving your Goals, Social Media Marketing, Sales Training (Weekly Prospector #47 2016)

Science of Buying

As a sales person you need to be able to communicate a convincing message to your prospects. Hopefully this message will be understood and then applied by your prospects which would in turn lead to them buying and a sale for you. However, many sales people don’t change or alter how they communicate their message depending on how a prospect learns. Learning is key within the sales process, because of this we have looked into the science of how people learn. Fascinating stuff and it will help you with your sales.

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15 Bulletproof Strategies to Achieve your Goals

As we continue moving into a world of instant gratification it can become difficult to be able to stick to plans and goals. This article takes you through 15 important strategies when trying to stick to your goals rather than giving up as soon as times get tough. It’s no longer enough to know what goals you need to create, you also need the discipline to see them through. If you’ve been having a difficult time sticking to your plans then this article is for you.

7 Tips for Running A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

For most organisations, social media marketing has become a key aspect of their marketing campaigns. So being able to run a successful marketing campaign has become increasingly important to the overall success of branding. This article outlines 7 great tips for you to use in your next social media marketing campaign.

Best 10 Books for Sales Learning & Training

If your sales have been slumping slightly in 2016 or you’re thinking about beginning a new career in sales for 2017, then this article is for you. These 10 books have been outlined by Brian Tracy, who is one of the leading sales instructors in the world. If you’re looking to raise your sales game to the next level, then slowly getting through this list of books will improve your sales skills.

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Weekly Prospector –  The Strategic Marketer is given out to companies from Sonician AB, the Marketing Automation specialists from Sweden and the creator of the leading Marketing Automation solution Otto® with Bulk-CRM and Autopilot capabilities.

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