On Website Trust, Personal Brand, Presentations, Newsletter Open-Rates (Weekly Prospector #29 2016)

Does Your Website say, ‘Trust Me’? It Better.

In our highly evolving digital world the customer has many more alternatives to your brand, product or service than ever before. This is why creating a trustworthy website has become so important in facing the customer purchasing process. The website has now overtaken the store front in many points of contact and it has to be treated as such. Here’s some quick tips on generating a more trustworthy online store front.

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13 Daily Activities That Will Double the Size of your Personal Brand in 6 Months or Less

When was the last time you performed an honest evaluation on how your brand is going? Have you honestly assessed how your customer journey is? Are your customers leaving their engagement with your brand happy? If it isn’t quite what you wan’t it to be, then here’s how you can improve your overall brand experience. Using these 13 daily habits can have a siginificant impact on your customers’ experience.

7 Credibility Boosting Phrases to Include in Your Next Presentation

Achieving credibility can be difficult. These days we’re all being judged on one thing or another, ranging from how we dress, to how we speak. So no matter how much credibility we have on paper, being able to transition that to a room full of people is a different story. Using these phrases can give you that little credibility boost you’re looking for.

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What is A Good Open Rate of a Sent Newsletter?

Most organisations may have a rough idea of what their Open Rate is, however most estimations seem to be under-estimates. This is due to the fact that a newsletter isn’t technically classified as an open until the images have been downloaded. This article takes you through how to determine your more honest Open Rate and what might be the better alternative to measure:

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