On What is Lead Scoring, Branding with Social Media, Becoming Metrics-Driven, Sales Email Mistakes (Weekly Prospector #12 2016)

Otto Insider: What is Lead Scoring?

Last week, we wen’t through how you can determine your Net Promoter Score (NPS). In this short video we explain what lead scoring is and how the method of lead scoring can have an impact on your organisation. Feel free to comment and share amongst friends and colleagues.

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Branding in the age of Social Media.

Developing your brand through Social Media and creating content to spread across a variety of platforms has become the norm. This article from Harvard Business Review argues that branding through social media isn’t what everyone says it is. That developing a successful brand campaign through social media is actually determined by crowdculture.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Metrics-Driven

Article by Entrepreneur media detailing the benefits of adopting a more metrics focused organisation. Using metrics during the early stages of your organisational life can be beneficial to customer development, growth and raising capital.

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5 Dumb Mistakes Most Sales Emails Make

Creating a wel written sales email can be difficult. Especially sales emails with call to actions within them seem to have low conversion rates. Inc.com has outlined these 5 mistakes to avoid when creating your sales pitch via email. Have a look and avoid these pitfalls when writing your next sales email.

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