On Where To Put Your Marketing Dollars, User Intent, TED Talks (Weekly Prospector #26 2017)


The Strategic Marketer
from the creators of Otto®

Where Should You Put Your Marketing Dollars While on Summer Holidays

Summer holidays, everyone’s favourite time to sit back, relax and take in the warm weather. But as CEO’s, entrepreneurs and managers all know, trying to scrape some results out of the Summer break is tough. To help you out, we have actually conducted a $2000USD experiment and tested the best digital marketing platforms available and the best thing is, we are letting you guys know the results for free. Click the link below to see which paid digital marketing channel can boost your ROI this Summer break, and the surprises in how much you can believe what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google say and what actually happens.

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5 Tips, Tools & Tricks for Understanding User Intent

Discovering the user intent of your target market can be a powerful tool in opening new sales channels. User intent is the reason why people search for something, it is effectively the problem they are looking to solve (which hopefully you can help them solve). This article outlines some great tips to help you discover the user intent of your target market.

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7 TED Talks To Make You A Better Social Media Marketer

So far I haven’t found just one clear cut formula that makes my social media marketing strategies sure fire success stories. However, continuing to learn and experimeting has always led me towards some victories. This blog post outlines 7 TED talks all marketers should watch at least once to help with your own social media success.

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