The ship-yard is dead, long live the ship-yard

Sitting at the office a Friday afternoon, I get a bit nostalgic, and despite the actions giving me a fantastic view on the outside, it still feels sad it means a whole Industry is gone from Gothenburg.

Until about two years ago, the common view from our office windows was this:

Docks of ship-yard busy outside Sonician office

Then, the last ship had been fixed in the floating docks:

Empty dock outside Sonician office

….and soon enough, the last of the two floating docks had also been sold and tugged away:

Floating dock tugged away outside Sonician office

…and although I can’t complain about the new view:

View outside Sonician Office

…it is still rather sad that this marked the end of an Industry in Göteborg that up to 30 years ago were building huge ships that still roam the world.

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