“The User Interface of Otto isn’t as Good looking as ….” Using Feedback Positively!

Towards the end of 2014 our CEO Henrik Rudberg travelled to Stockholm for a Brian Tracy Conference.  During his time there he met with Niko Fastman, the man behind topthinkers.org.  He agreed to trial Otto instead of using his normal Email Marketing system, MailChimp.

This is what he had to say after that time:

Before I decided to try Otto for my Marketing Automation and mailings, I thought it was a rather big step. I wasn’t sure that it would be any better than Mailchimp that I used before. Despite the fact I may not think the current user interface of Otto is as good-looking as Mailchimps, the looks of the e-mails out to the contacts gets so much better. Above all, the result was very much better already at the first trial: 4.8x better with Otto compared to the same e-mail using Mailchimp. Much better than I thought! I really like the lead-tracking functionality of Otto, e.g., and I would certainly recommend other Mailchimp-users Otto since it has so many more functions that will make a difference in so much better results.

While it wasn’t a scathing review, we were looking for honest feedback and we received it.  So towards the end of 2015 we took that one bold sentence and turned it into a mission statement for our developers.  We had been using Otto 4.3 for over 12 months and it was time for an upgrade and this sentence gave us the motivation.

So during the long Swedish Winter we developed a fresher, friendlier user interface with added features.  We aimed to create a powerful marketing and sales tool with a super-simple user interface so that users could get maximum results.

Many other organisations have been able to use scathing reviews and horrible customer feedback to their advantage, such as Hootsuite and Domino’s.  We want honest feedback so that Otto can evolve and grow into the best version of himself.

Otto 5.0 has now be officially released with a brand new user interface, contact us now for a demo on Otto 5.0!

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