Value-Based Pricing Surveys, Marketing Emoji’s, Bad Habits, Progressive Profiling (Weekly Prospector #28 2016)

Survey Questions to Implement Value-Based Pricing

Two weeks ago we wrote an article detailing why you should and how to implement a value-based pricing strategy. In this article we provide examples on how to survey which products and services your ideal customer persona’s will value most in your organisation. As an example we have created a survey we kindly ask our readers to complete to help us determine which marketing automation features provides the most value, Click Here to complete the survey and below to read the article:

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The Power of Emoji’s in Marketing and How to use them Efficiently with these Little-Known Keyboard Shortcuts

Over recent years Emjoi’s have become common practice in the way we communicate on mobile devices. However, if you’re sitting at a desktop trying to jump into the emoji world, it can be quite difficult. This article from Buffer outlines some awesome keyboard shortcuts for marketers to use, along with tips on how to seamlessly add them into your content.

9 Bad Habits You Must Break to be More Productive

We all have some bad habits that we know stop us from being productive. It could be something as simple as spending too much time on Facebook or something much more detrimental. This article from Entrepreneur explains different hacks on how to break some bad habits to give your productivity a huge boost! Click below to conquer your bad habits:

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Progressive Profiling: A Cure for Poor Lead Quality and Form Friction

Understanding the best way to attract leads through your website forms is difficult to pin point. This is a great & thorough article, actually comparing form questions to getting to know someone in real life. You begin with easier and less intrusive questions first and from there you begin to ask the deeper questions. If your forms haven’t been performing, then this is the article for you:

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