Why Marketing Automation is perfect for a Startup


Imagine you just started a business.

You’ve got a fantastic idea, a fantastic product and you’re ready to make some money!



So it’s now up to you….. your computer…… and the Internet to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Now what?

You are now officially a startup and that means that you need do whatever it takes to get the most out of your resources. And if you’re like most startups, your resources are likely to be stretched and quite limited.

This is where Marketing Automation comes in.

But wait, isn’t marketing automation this super expensive tool that only medium to large organisations can use to help nurture their leads & boost sales?

Yes and no. Apart from the fact many are expensive, it is also why it is perfect for a startup that needs to emulate a larger organisation. While some marketing automation tools are on the expensive end of the spectrum you will also find that e.g. we at Sonician also offers a light package on our Otto software which is perfect for a startup looking at getting ahead quickly. But this isn’t the only reason. Below, I’ve outlined the three main reasons why Marketing Automation and startups are a match made in heaven.


Little Human Resources

Startups don’t have huge Sales Teams, with rooms full of people screaming into telephones pushing their products onto potential customers. If they’re lucky they have one employee in charge of sales and this employee is doing the best they can to make as many sales as possible. Having a marketing automation solution is like having your own little private sales team which never turns up late, isn’t partying all weekend and doesn’t forget to call back that warm lead and costs less in salary than a Cafe Grande at Starbucks a day. It allows startups to reach all of its leads without actually using any human resources. Sure, there is some setting up that needs to be done, but most marketing automation organisations are more than willing to set-up your system for a small cost and develop all of your personalised email campaigns.

Get More Done with Less

Having a marketing automation system ensures you are going to get more done with less. That means your startup is going to grow at a faster rate using an automation system. Companies are now using automated posts for their social media, so it won’t be long before all companies will begin automating their emailing.  According to Gartner,

“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human”

So finding a solution which suits your startup’s needs is key to getting ahead of the pack. Once the system is underway, you will be keeping in contact with your most engaged website visitors automatically, nurturing your leads and automatically launching up-selling campaigns. It can even be used to ensure that your new customers are satisfied with their experience. Having an automation feature that will cover so many aspects of the sales cycle will leave you to completing more important tasks within your organisation.

Cheaper than Hiring an Employee

Could one employee achieve so much across the organisation? Having a marketing automation system is cheaper than hiring a new employee and can also have a broader positive impact. While in the later stages of growth, new employees are key, using an automation system in the early stages of the startup can be more impactful to the startup growth. It will complete tasks at a faster and more efficient rate than just one extra employee.


Because of marketing automation’s ability to automate so many aspects of an organisation, it makes it much more impactful to a startup in the early stages of growth. The ability to complete more tasks with less human resources and therefore cutting costs and boosting profits is the key to extraordinary early growth in your organisational life cycle. That’s why marketing automation is the perfect tool for startups, small businesses and one man enterprises.


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