Why Net Promoter Score. On new Facebook likes, productivity & Landing pages (Weekly Prospector #10 2016)

Otto Insider: What is the Net Promoter Score?

In this Otto Insider we explain what the Net Promoter Score is and why it is important to your organisation. The NPS is not only an alternative method to traidtional customer satisfaction research, but also very powerful in the way it is boiled down to a simple Key Performance Indicator of your Word-of-Mouth clout; On how much your business gets traction from existing clients. In addition, it is even rather easy to ask and measure which means all organisations, big and small should be able to implement it easily, which we’ll get back to next week.

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The 13 best apps that will maximize your daily Productivity

If you’re finding yourself more and more busy with all of life’s tasks, this great article provides some great tools to help you get organised! Inc.com brings you the 13 best apps to help keep you organised and running on the go.

Overcoming Objections on your landing page

Landing pages have now become the new store front. Being able to make the transition from entering to the checkout as easy and smooth as possible is key. The Moz blog has a great video (with an attached transcript) on how to overcome the objections customers may have while on your landing pages.

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Facebook Reactions: What Marketers Need to Know

Have you guys noticed the new Facebook Reactions? If you hover over the ‘Like’ button five extra emotions can be selected. The Social Media Examiner looks at how these reactios have consequences for marketers working within Facebook and also adds some tips on how to get the most out of these reaction emoji’s.

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