Sonician's 2-minute test
What extra values are hidden in your sales process?

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To which degree do clients find you?
You have to find clients
(via sales etc)
Clients find you
(via web etc)
Who are you primarily targeting?
What would you want to sell more of?
How do you work with Marketing today?
What 3 area(s) are you considering to focus more on?
How many sales reps or marketers are you?
How do you do marketing?
How well-known are you among your potential customers?
What are the three (3) most important areas for you?
Let's talk about Marketing Automation.
How much do you know about Marketing Automation?
Do you have an IP-Tracking solution to find out the IP addresses of the visitors/businesses visiting your website?
(Now that information is no longer provided by Google Analytics)
Do you send newsletters?
Do you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system?
How many customers did you approximately get last year?
How much profit does one customer bring on average over its time as a client?
What is your customer acquisition cost?