Get to know the whole new Otto (4.0)

Congrats, version 4.0 of Otto® is released

Otto has an entire new look and is a lot faster and smoother.

The Contact-list has an action pane from where you may perform actions with several contacts at once, to bulk-edit large lists.

Lists have been added. Use them to segment and group contacts in any way you like.

Broadcasts are merged into Newsletters. When you create a newsletter, you can choose from a combination of Sequences and/or Lists to send to, as well as from what sender.

Users have been added with a few different roles. Each subscription now has a sender, which you chose from the users.

The Activity log can be filtered and there is now an activity log on the Contact page to show the history of each contact.

Sequences settings have been divided into tabs to make it easier to set up. Most choices are optional but highly customisable.

And much more…

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