On Re-Engage your Inactive Subscribers, Facebook Posts, Meetings, Customer Lifetime Value (Weekly Prospector #32 2017)


The Strategic Marketer
from the creators of Otto®

How to Re-Engage your Inactive Subscribers

This article is another in our series to help you navigate the waters leading up to the GDPR. This article provides actionable advice on how you can re-engage your inactive subscribers. Every emailing list has a certain percentage of subscribers that don’t open emails and this article will outline what you can do to turn that inactive into active.

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The 5 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post

Creating a successful Facebook post has become much more than what it used to be. This article from Hootsuite outlines 5 key steps that all of your Facebook posts should go through to ensure their success. So if Facebook has become a key part of your marketing duties then this article is for you.

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Meetings Aren’t the Problem–It’s the Way You’re Running Them. Here’s How to Do It Better

As we all begin coming back to the office after the Summer break, we are bound for some long strategy and agenda meetings. To make sure these meetings aren’t just a waste of time it is important to ensure that the meetings are organised and performed properly. This article outlines strategies to ensure your meetings are not time wasters.

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4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Out of the important metrics to help measure your organisational success customer lfetime value seems to be left behind. However this article argues the customer lifetime value should be the metric to help you push your organisation towards profitability. It outlines 4 ways to help you boost your revenue throughout the customer lifetime.

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