Adocto: before and after using Otto

How Adocto Företagshälsovård – Occupational Healthcare Sales Process was before and after using Otto and introducing seminar-invitations


I’m Magnus Tidbeck from Adocto Företagshälsovård, which is occupational healthcare. We are selling preventative healthcare to companies and our target group is pretty much every company that needs to lower their sick leave status.


How did you use to find your clients?


The traditional way of finding new clients in any sort of business previously has been to basically book them into a meeting and visit them and that has become increasingly harder over time. We’ve paid telephone booking companies several thousand kronor (SEK) per meeting to get to meet them, sometimes between two and four thousands and sometimes they’re not even interested when you come out so the quality is *hand gesture symbolizing mediocre*


What about now, how do you find your clients?


We figured that we had a lot of knowledge within the company that we can present and that we want to bring fourth to the clients. So we thought about changing it around, we invested in a system, a marketing automation system called Otto from Sonician. We targeted HR managers, CEO’s, CFO’s in companies between 30 and 300 employees, there were several hundred or thousands in Stockholm actually targeted.

We made a packaged of events and it became really successful, we did breakfast seminars. For example, we did drug and alcohol prevention, we did systematic work environment prevention, we did occupational law – which is really relevant because it’s about how to handle problems, how to get rid of them or manoeuver them into the way that we want.

What we managed to do is that we managed to book full seminars with 40 people and they were paying us 325 SEK to come to us and listen for two hours insted of us paying 2000,3000 or 4000 SEK for us to come to them. It sort of made a big difference in the way we work.

Adocto sales process before and after using Otto

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