Conversion, Public Speaking, Productivity, Customer Service (Weekly Prospector #23 2016)

13 Surprisingly Effective Tips for Conversion-Oriented Content

We have placed this article first within our newsletter this week because it can provide the most value to all the marketers out there. In particular the content marketers who are looking to improve their rates of conversion from using inbound marketing techniques. It is a quite a long read but the 13 tips are worth it. Once you have some time click the link and have a read.

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5 Tips That Will Make You An Incredible Public Speaker

We all experience nerves when getting up in front of a room of people to make a presentation. Even the best acknowledge they feel the nerves at some point. Here’s some tips on how to help control those feelings and perform presentations better than ever!

8 Ways to Become More Productive When Working in Marketing

Making sure your productivity levels are up all week in this technological world can be quite difficult to manage. So we have outlined some of our own tips and tricks about what helps to keep us motivated. This article discusses how to keep your mind on task and what you can do to avoid outside distractions. Click the link below to read the article.

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Why Bad Customer Service is Burning Your Bottom Line (Infographic)

Creating a positive customer experience is something I believe every organisation should strive for. Being able to turn a customer into an ambassador is an achievement every organisation should be proud of! Here is a great infographic on why poor customer service can have a huge impact on your bottom line from the great team over at Marketing Profs.

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