How Volley Marketing Works, Trade Shows, Staffing, Sales Persuasion (Weekly Prospector #48 2016)

How Volley Marketing Works (Infographic)

Recently we have launched a new service which changes the way that B2B sales will be conducted. We have been receving a lot of questions about how it works and its impact on an organisations sales process. So we put together this little infographic to explain how the volley marketing works.

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3 Ways to Breathe Life into Trade Shows with Digital Marketing

2017 is just around the corner and that means many organisations should be organsing their trade show calendar for the upcoming year. Many organisations seem to enter trade show with extremely high expectations and then leave falling short of those. This article takes you through how to use digital marketing to make sure you get the most out of your trade show events.

How to Spot (& keep) the Best People on Staff

We are currently living in a time with the highest staff turnover rate in history. Many organisations are hiring employees more out of need than the great fit. So making sure you are able to spot and keep the best staff within your organisation is huge. These steps will help any manager or director to see and keep their best people.

Prove it! 6 Persuasive Techniques
for Making the Sale

When it comes to closing that sale that has been evading you it can become difficult to understand the techniques you should be using to get them over the line. This article outlines some of the best persuasion techniques to finally get that customer over the line. If you’re looking for those final sales before the end of the year check out these great tips.

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Weekly Prospector –  The Strategic Marketer is given out to companies from Sonician AB, the Marketing Automation specialists from Sweden and the creator of the leading Marketing Automation solution Otto® with Bulk-CRM and Autopilot capabilities.

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