Social Media, Productivity, Bill Gates, B2C Marketing Automation (Weekly Prospector #19 2016)

Social Media Acronyms That All Marketers Should Know

This article from Hootsuite outlines an ever-changing and important world with all marketers, the one of acronyms. With the evolution of social media and the people being able to express themselves so easily online now, marketers need to be able to keep up to date with all of the new acronyms. So here is a definitive list all marketers should know!

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7 Phrases That Will Make Your Day More Positive & Productive

We found this article was a breath of fresh air. The day-to-day grind can sometimes become quite overwhelming. This happens to the best of us and this great artcile has outlined some wonderful sayings for us to use to create a more productive and positive outlook on the day! Click the link and have a look at what we should be saying to ourselves everyday!

8 Highly Effective Habits That Helped Make Bill Gates the Richest Man on Earth

Everyone is different and creating effective and efficient habits for yourself is no different. Some people prefer to wake up early and work all through the night, while others prefer to work in specific time slots. Here are 8 highly effective habits that Bill Gates has used his whole life brought to you by Check them out below:

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