The Marketing Automation Scorecard (Infographic)

It has been growing like wildfire! Is Marketing Automation something for you?

Marketing Automation is making the change from one-time myth/legend and now becoming a legitimate tool for all business owners.  It has made the trickle down from huge multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises.  The number of these size companies taking the plunge has significantly increased.  It is no longer reserved for the organisations with a large budget, with costs falling and it is becoming widely affordable and accessible for marketers.

But what’s the verdict?

What are the results of marketing automation for these organisations?  Well, we have collected a number of statistics and quotes from a number of sources from marketers, sales people, managers and CEO’s on what they have experienced using Marketing Automation.  Check out the Infographic below and see for yourself – the Marketing Automation scorecard.

The Marketing Automation Scorecard

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