8 ways to become more productive when working in marketing


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Are you a great marketer at heart but you are struggling to get things done some days? Here are some personal tips and tricks to get more productive in your daily work. The list below reveals some common energy stealers, how to cope with them and some great tools to use

  1. Declutter; not just your desk
    It’s easy to lose focus if you cant use your necessities for executing a certain task. This is true both on your desk, but also in your computer. Make sure you have an easy and manageable system for your folders and a clean desktop. To make it even easier with customer information, information about deals and contact details use a CRM system
  2. Get automated
    Is your work just to much for you and you cant seem to remember every little detail you must do? Getting automated is the answer. You need a best friend (a marketing automation system) that automatically follows up on the stuff that you just cant fit in to your day, or make the ones you do remember are accomplished more efficienctly.
  3. Measure your efforts
    This can be done simply by writing down how long each task you do takes, each and every day. There are a lot of time measuring tools nowadays (for example look up a tool called Toggl). What we don’t think about though is how much energy tasks take. When you get a clear picture about how long each task takes, it is easier to plan your days accordingly. Also you don’t get overwhelmed by stress, which would otherwise be a block in your creativity.
  4. Choose your leads
    Get a system that automatically picks up on which people or audiences are the most urgent to make contact with. This will help you realize which potential customers you should be focused on, while saving you time. A marketing automation system will help you with this, by automatically tracking which ones of the potential customers that is clicking, reading and opening your company’s digital platforms. This way you also know which of your previously published content they have been interested in so you can save time and effort on determining what their biggest interests are when you are developing your new content.
  5. Limit yourself
    Ever feel like your desk is over-swelling with stuff to do? It is easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you should get done in a day. There is a risk that you will feel paralyzed and not get anything done because of this. Choose three main tasks that needs to be done during your working day. When you have written those down, number them from most important to least . Treat those three tasks as your life depends on getting them done.
  6. Block out distractions
    Is your phone beeping in the middle of your work? I did not realize how much focus this actually steals until recently. Turn on the “don’t disturb”-mode on your personal phone so it doesn’t bother you during your work day. If you are afraid to do this since you have to be reachable; there are apps for it. My favorite app is called “Forest” makes it a game to not touch your phone during times that requires focus, but still let important calls and messages trough.
  7. Integrate those channels, baby!
    Many mini tasks can take a lot of time and effort, which is just unnecessary. If you have a Twitter, a Facebook and other social media such as LinkedIn, it can be a good idea to spread the same message through those channels. Instead of writing a customized message on each platform, or even do copy and paste, we use a tool called Buffer. This way you also create a red thread and continuity through all your digital marketing.
  1. Get a project planner
    Do you have a lot of ideas that is interrupting your writing? Get a project planner. In for example Pivotal Tracker you can put all of your ideas in a specific field called “the ice box” and that way you can clear your head of the idea and can go back to it in an organized way when appropriate.

Now with these tips you have no reason to procrastinate any more. Put them to practice and good luck becoming the most productive employee at your company!

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