About Twitter, Marketing Automation, Goal-Setting, Social Media Marketing (Weekly Prospector #15 2016)

How to Use Twitter to Create Relationships for Business

Developing a strategy on how to use your Twitter account is a necessity, but it is only the first step. The next step is to create engaging content and use this content to nurture your business relationships. Fortunately, you can build relationships through smart, well-planned messages. This article from Live Chat Inc is a step in the right direction. Check it out below:

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5 Successful Companies that you wouldn’t believe use Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has become ‘the’ trend for marketers in 2016 in all of Business to Business and much of Business to Consumer markets. But which companies use it the right way? We’ve outlind five successful companies that have used Marketing Automation to help them to succeed, and their areas will likely surprise you. Click below to have a read.

10 Ways Millionaires Set Goals

Want to know how truly wealthy people create their financial success? Being able to set goals is a key element in being able to reach financial success according to this article from Entrepreneur.com. Learn the art of goal setting from the financially successful and be inspired by these 10 tips.

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Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media is a part of our daily lives, but there is a lot that isn’t known about how to use it. We have used PowToon once again to put together a short video about social media and its results. Check out the 10 statistics by clicking on the link below.

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