What is Volley Marketing & Why Successful Companies can’t get enough


If you……

Analyse your sales processes,

The whole process of attracting traffic,

Look into the results of creating fantastic meaty content for your readers that creates trust,

Evaluate the impact of having one of the ‘coolest, high-fashion’ websites going around (that all your friends just love!)

And you know what we think you’ll find?

Your website visitors don’t really care

They don’t really care about what you “think”

They don’t even spend that long time reading your “meaty” content. (Over half of all visitors spend 15 seconds or less on your website)

They don’t spend the time you were expecting hoping they would on your blog posts.

You know what else we found?

Most companies decided that they need more visitors, so out come the wallets, it’s time to spend big!

That nerdy, technical sounding SEO agency, yep, you just hired them.

That “alternative, hipster looking 30 year old (who may still live with his parents), yep, you just hired him to re-design your webpage with more buttons & sliding animations you don’t need.

Nope! That didn’t boost your sales.




So you begin accepting the norm.

Thinking that this is how it works.

That “nerdy SEO company” just tells you that it takes months and months before Google acknowledges their super-technical work (in their patronizing tone as if you don’t understand a thing) & you should be happy you started with them when you did.

That “alternative, hipster 30 year old web designer” is telling you, that your website needs this new lay-out that you can’t even work out how to use (so how will your customers) & your website visitors will be astonished with it’s eye catching detail & that particular shade of blue you now have everywhere.

In the meantime…….

Your sales team is fighting, competing, actually working for every online lead you get through (your even probably giving out those online leads as rewards, like your teacher used to give out gold stars).

But you already knew this, right?

This is what you have experienced first hand.

You want to hear about what can help you, what will make an impact, & through it all what will make you sell more.

Help you get into cash flow positive,

Because as Gary Vaynerchuk says, cash is like oxygen, if you get that little bit more, you can keep breathing….

So here’s what we can do about it!

While studying online sales processes recently we realised that most companies are trying to hide the power,

trying to make you feel stupid,

trying to make you think you can’t live without them,

We’ve decided to go the other way.

We want to start empowering our readers & our clients.

Put the ball back in your court.

It’s time for you to have direct access to what’s happening on your website.

Time for you to be able to reach out directly to your website visitors & traffic.

So beginning last week (click here if you missed it) we started providing concrete tips on creating sales processes;

  • From, website visitors
  • To leads,
  • To prospects,
  • To clients,
  • To ambassadors

This wasn’t all, We have literally given you the power with Volley Marketing

So what is Volley Marketing?

It’s your online sales strategy, your answer to falling Avg. Session Duration, it’s your return to their serve, your next move.

Ok, here it is: Volley Marketing is defined as the process of capturing your website visitors contact details, via collecting their IP-Addresses just by them visiting your page.

That’s It! Simple.

The background & the bones behind the concept is we at Sonician & Otto have now partnered with Bisnode for you to be able to purchase the contact details of your website visitors at a reduced rate.

This means we can gather the contact details of your web visitors (now that’s empowering).

There is no more spending big on methods that may produce results.

These will be the contact details, the concrete, actual, real phone numbers & email addresses of your visitors.

This means no more holding online leads over your sales team like a dog waiting for a treat, there will now be enough treats to go around that no one will starve.

No more patronizing technical talk from nerds & hipsters. Just data & details.

Because everyone should pay attention to the details.


So how does Volley Marketing Work?

We have broken Volley Marketing down into 6 easy steps, if you’re interested in how it works just click here to view our PDF.

6 Steps, that’s all.

So if you’re over it, or you feel like you’re beginning to accept the norm of nerdy SEO firms & Hipster Web designers, it’s time to take charge.

Become empowered. Spend more time actually talking with leads about how you can help them, rather then spending more time attracting website visitors if you have no means of following them up properly.

We will be running a brief webinar on how Volley Marketing works & any questions you may have on Thursday the 10th of November (CET) just click here to register.



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