How to take control of your website visitors & empower your sales


It’s not hard to get sales in the 21st century right?

  • You create a service or product
  • Make a “cool, hip” website that impresses all your friends (because they now think you’re the real deal) with it’s “alternative & progressive design features”.
  • Implement a few “up to date” SEO tactics that you read from a super cool SEO blog that no one you know has ever heard of.
  • Make some cool content that will “blow your customers mind” with it’s awesome fresh, “out of the box” thinking (you’re really rolling now, you can almost feel the sales coming through)
  • You get some website traffic…….if you’re lucky maybe even a lot!
  • But they……they just come & go………………….
  • Without buying anything,
  • Without saying hi,
  • Without saying “Hey, your website is really cool & your content is really inspiring and I love it!”.



It’s time to start doing some investigative work.

As you begin to peel back the layers, you realise that your website visitors aren’t staying very long, they aren’t even reading your whole posts.

Once they’ve finished checking out your “cool, hip” website with your “alternative & progressive design features” they just leave without even saying hi.

This is the biggest sales dilemma facing small to medium sized enterprises today. Investing both time & money to develop the “coolest” website for your business that you just knew thought, was going to make you rich.

How can you reach these website visitors?

Imagine if you could gather up all of your website visitors and just ask them if you could help them in anyway.

Could you imagine owning a store and just having to watch people come in and look around, while you just sit there helpless….. you can’t say hi &  you can’t ask them if they need any help.

That’s pretty much what your “cool, hip” website with “alternative & progressive design features” is.

So what should you be doing?

Determine your conversion rate (hopefully you have a CTA (Call-to Action) on your landing page).

If you are running a PPC (Pay-Per Click) campaign through Google Adwords or any other service, you want to determine the number of visitors that have actually clicked your CTA from the PPC campaign. Because without these figures, you may be just throwing $ out the window with your PPC campaign.

You can determine this conversion rate by applying this below formula:

Number of Visitors clicking the CTA / Number of people clicking your PPC ad campaign x 100 = Your Conversion Rate in percent

(Where, / = divided by & x = mutliplied by)

Just because you think your website is “cool & hip” doesn’t mean your website visitors do. Increasing your conversion rate is super important if you are looking to boost your leads & therefore boost your sales.

If you are able to increase your conversion rate, you are able to gather more leads with the same amount of web traffic & this can have a huge impact on your sales.

My CTA Conversion Rate sucks! Now What?

Maybe your conversion rate is really low and it is going to take you sometime to help bring it back up.

So what can you do to help your conversion rate?

Begin building trust.

Before a customer can leave any sort of contact details or make an enquiry about your product or service, they all ask themselves if they can trust you.

Begin by questioning your whole webpage with this in mind.

Is my webpage “cool, hip” with “alternative & progressive design features” and something that “I would trust myself”?

Establish clear contact information & if someone does contact you…… REPLY. It’s amazing how many people/entrepreneurs I speak to that forget to reply.


Post a picture of yourself, establish a connection with the website visitor this way. The old adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very much still applicable, or even more so, in the 21st century.

Understand where your visitors come from

Become familiar with google analytics. Do your homework on where your visitors are coming from and outline some rough buyer personas (ie your ideal customer) based on this information.

See which country and city they are coming from & follow how you acquired these visitors.

Monitor how your visitors Engage with your Website

Don’t waste your time trying to sell to the website visitors that aren’t interested. Focus your attention on the users that have actually looked through a few pages on your website but didn’t click the CTA.

You need to determine who are your “engaged website visitors” (ie. the ones which visit more than 1 page & are engaging with your online content).

To determine this you can use the below formula:

Number of Visitors – Bounced visitors = Engaged Website Visitors


In case you aren’t familiar with a bounce rate. The bounce rate is defined by google as “The percentage of single-page sessions (ie. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).”



Take these tips & formulas and apply them to your website. Because doing nothing isn’t the answer.

Understand your users & work on increasing your conversion rate, because if your conversion rate goes up, you can sell more to the same website traffic.

Honestly a more efficient conversion process is never a bad thing.

Next week I will be explaining how you can use “Volley Marketing” to improve your sales pipeline & streamline your website visitors into your contact list through IP addresses.


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